All women are different. We have different schedules, different body types, different preferences, lead different lives… we just don’t run on the same schedule. The “one size fits all” mentality may work for some things, but is problematic for getting in shape. The solution is Complete Physique®: a web-based, comprehensive lifestyle program that helps women take responsibility for their health and fitness to get the results they have always wanted. At Complete Physique®, we are client focused; we provide personalized workouts and customized meal plans that are segmented, flexible, and goal-driven.

How it works:

1. Sign up.

If you are interested in getting in shape and changing your lifestyle, sign up and register for a Complete Physique® membership by clicking on the "Sign me up!" button above.

2. Gain Member Only Access.

Once you complete the sign up process, you will be granted unlimited access to our Members Only site which includes dozens of delicious recipes, fun workouts, along with nutrition and exercise demo videos which are updated monthly. Once you submit your Initial Fitness Assessment and we assess your goals, you will receive your first month's customized programming which includes a flexible meal plan and workout program.

3. Reach your goals.

With support, accountability, and new monthly programming, you will look and feel the best you ever have and maintain your lifestyle long-term.

Realistic Programming for Real Women

Many people believe that getting in shape involves hours in the gym and barely eating. This is not the case. Our clients simply work for their results by applying our realistic fitness and nutrition program to their daily routine. Every workout program is developed around each of our clients' different schedules and goals while demonstrating lifestyle eating that feeds and refuels the body instead of starving it, and membership includes unlimited access to resources filled with years of fitness and nutrition expertise. 

There’s more!

We appreciate all your hard work. As a reward, for every year a client renews her Complete Physique® membership, she will receive 10% off her monthly membership fee.