Build a new lifestyle with a revolutionary approach to online personal training.

The Complete Physique® program offers more than just workouts and meal plans; it offers a lifestyle. Achieving “complete physique” truly happens when you step off the scale and stop counting calories. When you learn to fuel your body with whole, real food. When you work for the results you want. This comprehensive fitness program will give you all the tools you need to look and feel amazing long term, backed by unlimited support and accountability.

Customized Workouts

A one-of-a-kind workout for a one-of-a-kind woman.

Whether you are simply looking to improve your body, or stepping on stage in a swimsuit, Complete Physique® creates a fitness plan catered just for your body and schedule. The plans are designed to help clients reach their short-term goals, and also maintain healthy, fit physiques long-term. Every month, each member will receive a brand new individualized workout, which will include a mix of strength training and cardio to keep their bodies guessing and their minds eager for the next month’s plan. To ensure members feel 100% confident strength training on their own, we provide all the necessary resources such as exercise demonstration videos, as well as dozens of high intensity interval training workouts that help them complete their programs successfully.

Real-World Meal Planning

Feasible. Flavorful. Fresh. Food.

Complete Physique® takes the worry out of mealtime and teaches clients how to nourish their bodies with healthy food and portions needed to fuel and recover from workouts. We provide flexible meal preparation schedules that allow clients to stay true to their healthy eating wherever they are. It is our goal to teach clients how to eat for life, while finding the balance to allow the occasional special treat. Members gain total access to flavorful and nutrient-filled recipes created specifically for them.

Support and Accountability

We’ve got your back...and your front.

Since 2011, Complete Physique® has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of strong, motivated women, and we have been there for them every step of the way. Clients won’t be misled by food labels, confusing exercises, or controversial diet research. The web-based fitness programs are self-driven, but we consistently provide support and motivation to help clients stay on track and be held accountable. By checking in at least once a month, we are able to provide specific feedback on progress, adjust programming as needed, and resolve any individual changes that may arise from week to week. In addition, each monthly workout plan is developed based on client progress. The accountability of clients to check in is crucial because that will be the trigger for the next workout and nutrition plan that is released.