Ashley McLaughlin

Nutrition Content Developer

Eating healthy should be flavorful and fun!

Ashley has been the main recipe developer for Complete Physique since 2013.  She works diligently to create delicious recipes members will love every month. From pizza to protein shakes, there isn't anything Ashley can't create to offer a healthy alternative to the foods clients love.

When she isn't cooking up recipes for Complete Physique, Ashley works as the Mid-Shore Project Leader and Educator for the University of Maryland’s Food Supplement Nutrition Education program where she creates, establishes, collects data, teaches and oversees all of the nutrition education collaborations and program budgets for three counties in Maryland.  

She built all five community nutrition teaching initiatives from the ground up in the three counties that she oversees.

Ashley holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and Foods with an emphasis in Nutrition Biochemistry from West Virginia University.